‘Bestiarium’ is a series of fragile porcelain hybrid creatures. 


The objects are the result of an experimental collaboration between the artist Maria Volokhova and our design studio SHAPES IN PLAY.

These creatures are representative of the hybridity of our times: they embody analogue and digital technologies and offer organic and generated forms. The end result is a set of useful and decorative objects that provoke as well as proffer: What is real? What is natural? What do we believe?

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Source of Sound


Integration of a digital organ with 16 speakers into the existing architecture of Gethsemane Church in Würzburg/Germany.


Analogous to the functionality of the organ the design was elaborated on the idea of creating a visually sparkling source of sound. Based on an algorithm that emits wave-shaped rings of holes various in diameter the picture of a spring was generated. 

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Fabbrica connects traditional weaving and digital manufacturing


Weaving is one of the oldest productions methods. The introduction of the mechanical weaving loom made history within manufacturing technology. This invention, as one of the first machines, marked the beginning of the `Industrial Revolution´. Today we find ourselves again at the starting point of fundamental changes.

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Cloudspeaker group SiP

What would your music taste look like if it was an object?


Cloudspeaker is a conceptual work to create loudspeakers that reflect the musical taste of their owner. It is realised by means of 3d printing.

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Critics´ Circle Award

CC Award2013

Soundplotter as Critics´ Circle Award 2013 to Thomas Heatherwick


To embody music, sound or spoken words within a product is the main idea behind our Soundplotter project. This concept found a very suitable application when the Critics Circle ( section Visual Arts and Architecture) London approached us to design the award for the award show 2013 in London. 

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Exorbit is a ventilator, produced with rapid prototyping, that by means of the technology surpasses your expectations of what a conventional ventilator should look like. 


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fiocco 1

Fiocco is a vase concept that plays with the opportunities and limits of digital fabrication methods.


The product consists of two bodies that are characterized by a very and flocculent structure. They become interacting objects when water is involved. The inner vase is a swimming body and by means of a cavity it starts to rise coming out of the outer structure.

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