A 3d printed vase whose shape differs according to sound input

product 3d printed generative sound vase

Soundplotter is a concept for a 3D printed vase whose shape changes according to sound input. Each vase thus is unique piece that can for example contain a personal message or the sound of a certain moment.

"If this is the future of the democratization of design, then it is a beautiful preview— and a highly customized one after all."

Verena Dauerer, design and technology journalist (2011)


The digital vase directly reacts on volume, heights and lows in sound and modifies itself according to the data received: a louder sound input is reflected in a bigger shape. The final object is saved as a 3D file and is then ready to be manufactured with 3D printing.

We believe that this novel way of participation in the design process increases the emotional value of the object and thus leads to a more sustainable relationship between the user and the product.


Soundplotter is part of the 3D printed objects collection of Disseny Hub Museum Barcelona.

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