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Bazaar is a `Slow Manufacturing´ platform that brings together craft and digital culture.


 Basing on Eric S. Raymonds comparison of `The Cathedral and the Bazaar´ the oriental bazaar became a symbol of a decentralized, collaborative system of flat hierarchy within

the context of digital culture and Open Source. Many contributors constitute a hetero-
geneous, dynamic and open market and thus provide a stable network for the development, distribution and purchase of products.

Bazaar takes on this metaphor and illustrates a post-industrial model of production called `Slow Manufacturing´: It combines the digital organisation structures of variability, networking, participation with the traditional and personal production model of arts and crafts.

Exemplarily for the idea a set of tableware was developed. Basing on three so called `meta-objects´ materialised as serial products in porcelain endless variations and hybrids can be generated by means of an online platform - the Bazaar. Beyond participating in giving shape and choosing materials the focus also lies on creating a personal link between user and producer. Bazaar aims to achieve a novel system of high material and emotional sustainability. Furthermore it demonstrates how the network idea can also be applied for high quality consumer products, bringing different characters, handwritings, materials on one table.

The projects was realised with the support of Kahla Porzellan Thüringen and the wonderful cooperation with Billa Reitzner, Boris Bransky, Drückerei Fahrnholz, Cornelius Réer and Sigrun Wassermann.




bazaar arranged_lemon

bazaar arranged_ginger

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