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infObjects is a threedimensional infovisualisation within the topic of food. 


The ingredients of several dishes have been analysed regarding energy content, CO2 equivalent and price:

A high content of energy causes the growth of small roots on the outer surface of the object.

The CO2 equivalent of a dish is visualised by the appearance of `ozone holes´ that indicate how much greenhouse gas has been produced during breeding and processing of a single edible.

The price of an ingredient has been illustrated by rising the edge of a segment in relation to the value.

The values have a direct impact on the shape and function of a set of tableware, consisting of a plate, a bowl and a mug. By means of those objects the information is made tangible via Rapid Manufacturing. To better demonstrate the single ingredients and their data the pieces are subdivided in segments.

The products are not intended to be objects of utility. They rather have the function to raise awareness for the topic of how food is produced and consumed. It could for example be used within the context of an information campaign.

The project is programmed with Processing.

infobjects polygonesinfobjects kartoffelauflaufinfobjects bowl roots


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