Soundplotter new

Soundplotter is a concept for a 3d printed vase whose shape changes according to sound input. 


 Each Soundplotter vase thus is unique piece that can for example contain a personal message or the sound of a certain moment.

The top layer of the digital vase directly reacts on volume, heights and lows in sound. It modifies itself according to the data received: a louder sound input is reflected in a bigger shape. The change is saved, moves down one step and so makes way for the next top layer where the process repeats until the final object is saved as a 3D file; and is now ready to be manufactured with 3D printing. The project is programmed by means of an open source software called Processing and works in realtime.

Furthermore Soundplotter is an applied attempt to answer the question of how products in the future can be generated more intuitively when the designer leaves space for interaction between user and object.

Soundplotter is now part of the permanent collection of 3D printed objects of the Design Hub Barcelona that is currently shown at the exhibition `In 3 Dimensions - Printing Objects´ at the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich.




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