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What would your music taste look like if it was an object?


Cloudspeaker is a conceptual work to create loudspeakers that reflect the musical taste of their owner. It is realised by means of 3d printing.

Nowadays, listening to music over the computer is common. Information on what kind of music someone likes can be saved, evaluated and summed up in tags. Cloudspeaker uses this information to shape an individualised loudspeaker body. The tags of most played music and a 10sec frequency spectrum of the 33 favourite songs has an impact on the shape of the speaker.

To evaluate the tags all common music styles are categorized within the following parameters: loud-silent; calm-vivid; and soft-hard. On a scale from 0-10 they parametrically build the speaker body. As an example of the possible shapes the speakers can take on three objects representing metal, pop and ambient oriented music profiles were generated.

Cloudspeaker is now part of Disseny Hub Museum´s permanent collection in Barcelona.

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