‘Bestiarium’ is a series of fragile porcelain hybrid creatures. 


The objects are the result of an experimental collaboration between the artist Maria Volokhova and our design studio SHAPES IN PLAY.

These creatures are representative of the hybridity of our times: they embody analogue and digital technologies and offer organic and generated forms. The end result is a set of useful and decorative objects that provoke as well as proffer: What is real? What is natural? What do we believe?

Arranging the collection of elaborate porcelain sculptures in an installation offers an interpretative glimpse of a new reality that combines digital and analogue existence. Beyond their metaphorical value, each object is also a functional product to be used in everyday life. All pieces are produced by hand in porcelain.

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Bestiarium All

Bestiarium Hecht

Bestiarium TeapotBowl
Janus Detail
Bestiarium Janus-small
Teapot digital

Bestiarium Teabowl Detail Bestiarium Plates Collection