Source of Sound


Integration of a digital organ with 16 speakers into the existing architecture of Gethsemane Church in Würzburg/Germany.


Analogous to the functionality of the organ the design was elaborated on the idea of creating a visually sparkling source of sound. Based on an algorithm that emits wave-shaped rings of holes various in diameter the picture of a spring was generated. 

The holes were then milled into a panel of bent wood to make space for the soundwaves from the organ speakers. Apart from creating a dynamic picture the software also was used to generate the pattern in a way that 60% of the material directly in front of the speakers was taken away.

The panel runs parallel to the church wall and is aesthetically integrated into the horizontal orientation of the architecture. The picture of the sound being dynamically emitted from a certain point works as a visual reference and completes the sound experience.


Gethsemane close

Gethsemane inspace

Gethsemane detail