Fabbrica connects traditional weaving and digital manufacturing


Weaving is one of the oldest productions methods. The introduction of the mechanical weaving loom made history within manufacturing technology. This invention, as one of the first machines, marked the beginning of the `Industrial Revolution´. Today we find ourselves again at the starting point of fundamental changes.

Networking and digital culture have an impact on all aspects of our lives – also on the manufacturing of products. Digital fabrication again enables single persons to take action and produce things themselves more easily. Fabbrica draws a tangible picture of this change. Digitally woven objects, produced with 3d printing technology – also called fabbing – playfully serve as a link to the context within production history.

A series of lamps represents the Fabbrica project. The shade seems to be naturally blown around the LED lamp like a textile in the wind. The object is though created digitally just like the pattern that connects the two woven threads.  


Fabbrica two-Lamps

Fabbrica Close

Punchcard Frank-Lindecke
Fabbrica Bowl

Fabbrica Impression

Picture Punchcards: Frank Lindecke (CC - Attribute & ShareAlike)